The MiamiVisual Photo-Workshops: THE FINE ART BODYSCAPES

UPCOMING DATES : April 8th and April 15th

Photo ©Jorge ParraFrom the "Torsos" Series

This is a very intensive and sought-after hands-on workshop because it deals with photographing the human figure, and explores lighting, composition, directing the models, and more importantly, a vision or concept in order to develop portfolio-quality images.

As indicated, the idea behind these workshop is to work on the creative visual development of the participants, which is why the groups are small, no more than 10-12 students per workshop.

There is a dynamic pace to the Advanced Workshops, as every participant will have the opportunity to make choices for his/her own shooting time, become the "Main Shooter" of a production, while other participants help the main shooter as assistants, in order to take good advantage of the time. Different options for lighting will be available. One on One assistance and mentoring will also be provided.

Hair and make up styling is provided, and while the model(s) are being made up, we will discuss the visual approach each one wants for his/her images. Models will pose both wearing lingerie and also in the nude, but we will take SPECIAL attention in keeping a sense of style, avoiding gross angles and nasty, ordinary explicit imagery.

We already have a casting of amazing european ( french, czech, ukrainian) and american models to work with us! Some of the models have already been photographed for publications like the Italian Playboy, and other local, national and international publications.

Models will provide a model release, so participants can use their photos for most of their personal use, portfolios, social media, etc, but there is NO authorization to use them commercially. Please contact us if you receive an offer to use some image commercially, and we will gladly assist you on how to do this properly!.

We start with photo-shoots on the studio, but will eventually go to locations later in the year. Stay tuned for fresh news!

VERY IMPORTANT: You will notice in the PayPal registration and payment box that we are offering "Private Prime Time" to those shooters who want to do it.

This works like this: after finishing the regular 4 hour workshop, the model would stay available to shoot with ONLY 2 participants, so each of those 2 shooters will have a half hour with the model. This is is a good time to really improve your portfolio and vision. The Prime time will be supervised and assisted by yours truly, so some mentoring will occur in order to improve the level of the photo-shoot.

Both ASMP and PPA Members are granted a special member discount. Membership status will be verified.

Below is the registration and payment box. Please be punctual, and even better, arrive earlier, so we can do the set up as fast and possible.

Fine Art Photography Workshop
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In case you prefer to register and pay the day of the workshop,  or if you decide to engage in Prime Time with the model, we will be glad to receive Credit / Debit cards, as well as cash on the premises.

* PLEASE NOTE:  ASMP and PPA members will be asked for proof of active membership. In case membership is not confirmed, the difference ( member's discount) has to be issued immediately to join the Workshop.

There are no refunds! If by any chance a participant cannot attend his/her scheduled workshop, we need to be warned with at least 24 hours notice, and we will gladly re-schedule you for an upcoming workshop.