The MiamiVisual Photo-Worksops: BASIC LIGHTING FOR PORTRAITS

Photo by ©Jorge Parra /

These workshops contains all the information and hands-on practice necessary for any emerging photographer, assistant or photography lover to obtain better control over the quality of their portraits, by learning to use natural light and modified natural light ( Level 1) and get the experience and confidence to control artificial lighting in the studio ( level 2 ) and upgrade your portfolio efficiently!

Lighting is perhaps the area of photography where the individuals can better develop a "style" of their own, and make yourself unique and unforgettable to the subjects you photograph, and, as the process of making portraits involve lots of human exchange, conversation, directing the subjects, etc, then learning to light the subject, learning the do's and dont's on how to choose the best lighting for each individual, so the photographer can explore the subject in detail, is of paramount importance.

In Level 1 of this workshop, we will go to locations to work with natural light, sunlight and skylight, and start using tools like reflectors, diffusers, mirrors, etc to modify or manipulate natural light, in order to achieve professional results that look like studio shots and even better!

In Level 2, participants will get into flash photography (strobes) and learn how to control artificial light in the studio, practicing with different light modifiers, plus studio tips and tricks of the trade, so you leave the workshop with true hands-on experience and confidence to shoot your next project with any kind of artificial lighting.

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