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Photographer and Director Jorge Parra is easy to contact! Jorge, (aka George) has coined the phrase: "IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ME, YOU WILL FIND ME!", so, if you want to either talk or text on the phone, or use viber, whatsapp, FaceTime google hangout or rather prefer email, skype,  twitter, linkedin or facebook messaging, just go ahead, take your pick and share with Jorge your story and your ideas for your next project!

To send an e-mail to Jorge, please use the form below:

Mobile Users may use any of the links below to contact Jorge directly:

- Call Jorge at his SmartPhone:

phone: 786-222-9405

- For Skype contact, the user is "jorgeparraphotography"

- Jorge can also be located through the  BLINK Worldwide Network of photographers,

Topic: Motion Works, The Portfolios, leisure and luxury, portraits, fashion, beauty, Print Advertising, fine art series