Miami Advertising/Commercial photographer Jorge Parra relaunches the Synthetic Habitat Project: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography for the Leisure and Luxury Markets.

Architectural Photography by Jorge Parra
© Jorge Parra

During the last 8 years, Advertising Photographer Jorge Parra has been working on a series of photographic projects in Architecture and Interior Design, mostly focused on the Leisure and Luxury markets, shooting Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, as well as private residences and vacation villas.

Jorge is well known as a People Photographer, shooting Advertising, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Photography for over 2 decades. However, a number of  Creative Directors as well as Architects and Designers who recognize and value Jorge’s vision, have been pushing him out of his comfort zone, by inviting him to shoot architectural and interior design projects. The logic behind these requests was the interest of these creatives in exploring different approaches to producing and photographing these projects from a fresh perspective.

In addition to these challenges, Jorge has been traveling around the world, shooting some large-scale fantastic Lighting Design Projects for public spaces in distant cities like Ankara in Turkey, Dublin in Ireland and Madrid, Spain. New projects are being produced in the USA and will be showcased in the near future. Lighting Design Photography is an area where only a few photographers have been successfully involved.

The resulting body of work includes visuals for Conde Nast Traveler, Luxe Magazine, Hilton Hotels, SLS Hotels, Mandarin Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, plus several  travel and luxury commercial and private residential projects, plus the cool lighting design projects.

Please, visit Jorge’s Synthetic Habitat Project and feel free to drop a comment.

The next natural phase for The Synthetic Habitat Project involves a fine blend of Fashion and Architecture, both Stills and Motion, putting together all of Jorge’s  skills, in an ongoing series of images to be published in the near future.

Synthetic Habitat: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography Website has been totally rebuilt

Hi Everyone!

Please check my Synthetic Habitat website for my work in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, and very specially, Lighting Design Photography, an area where only a very few have dared entering and work on, and succeed!.

Although I am mostly and Advertising shooter, working mainly with People,Fashion,Lifestyle, and fine art, I have been contacted by several creatives, architects and Design firms to work in these fields for the last 4 years, and they have been expecting a new, fresh look from me, which I have successfully brought out, and this has made me travel worldwide in different assignments.

I still love to shoot with beautiful models and exotic locations, but I also derive lots of pleasure photographing places and spaces, with my”organic” approach to these visuals, exploring the sensuality, warmth and comfort of the spaces, in a field full of expert technical shooters, with little or no soul.

The blend of styles I can create is a perfect match for campaigns for hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants and private properties.

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and make contact for comments, opinions, critics and suggestions.

Best wishes to all!!

Jorge Parra