The Un-Boring shoots Phillipe Starck’s latest South Beach project

 Phillipe Starck hits South Beach again!
One thing I love about my work has to do with swapping subject matters. Jumping from Advertising to Editorial, then to personal work on the Nude, or some contribution with a non profit children’s group and then back into editorial, brings out an eerie state of mind, and makes my life the story of  the un-boring. Bored is a concept the escapes my understanding.
As much as I grew and developed my  passion for photography while shooting people, basically the most beautiful models, the input from some creative directors, asking me to shoot out of my comfort zone, starting with places and spaces in my travels, eventually led me to architecture, interior design and lighting design photography, which  are now part of my portfolio.
And one thing leads to another: Just last week, I got one of those calls we love to receive: Conde Nast Americas wanted me to shoot  a full editorial about the classic art-deco Ritz Plaza hotel, now turned into the ultra modern, Phillipe Starck’s-redesigned “SLS”, the very latest addition to the South Beach hotel scene. 
The images will publish in Spain and other european countries.
It was a very hot July day when the production started. Portraits  of the super famous  and ultra meticulous spanish cook, Jose Andres, who defines everything edible in the hotel, from the juices, to the cocktails to every snack and meal, it all goes supervised by him, plus their  well respected japanese Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi were included, all mixed up with the activity of tourists enjoying vacation time, the pools, beaches and rounding up with night shots of the warm and welcoming spaces of so many restaurants, I just lost count.
It was rather unusual to spend so many hours shooting editorial work, but as I see it, it is the only way to get the best out of yourself, specially in hot days, when your imagination may dehydrate as much as your body.
Yet another way to stay un-boringly happy! 

Synthetic Habitat: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography Website has been totally rebuilt

Hi Everyone!

Please check my Synthetic Habitat website for my work in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, and very specially, Lighting Design Photography, an area where only a very few have dared entering and work on, and succeed!.

Although I am mostly and Advertising shooter, working mainly with People,Fashion,Lifestyle, and fine art, I have been contacted by several creatives, architects and Design firms to work in these fields for the last 4 years, and they have been expecting a new, fresh look from me, which I have successfully brought out, and this has made me travel worldwide in different assignments.

I still love to shoot with beautiful models and exotic locations, but I also derive lots of pleasure photographing places and spaces, with my”organic” approach to these visuals, exploring the sensuality, warmth and comfort of the spaces, in a field full of expert technical shooters, with little or no soul.

The blend of styles I can create is a perfect match for campaigns for hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants and private properties.

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Best wishes to all!!

Jorge Parra