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Recently I enjoyed the interesting and fleeting company of NY based Fashion Stylist Aubrey Chung, from Yellowcake Productions, in combo with Stylist and producer Victor Price, from Price of Style,  in a brainstorming situation to produce an editorial about Fashion in Paper in just few hours.

 Aubrey arrived to Miami from Chicago early in the morning, met with Victor,  who arrived from NY the same morning, and prepared an amazing art piece made out of old magazines and newspapers, to be used as background for the editorial.

Creations from amazing designers, like Eduardo de las Casas, Luis Valenzuela, incredible jewelry and out of this world shoes were put together by this great team, to be wore by our fantastic model Pernilla, from Next Models New York.

I arrived around noon to set up and shoot, and by 5 pm Aubrey was  already on a plane to Los Angeles and Victor on his way back to NY.

This edition of  BG Mag was printed out in Ecuador, and is already available in the US. Other editions of the mag are available worldwide.

More images coming soon in my soon to  be revamped website…



Launch of “The Change 10 Project” during the Eco-mmunities Exhibit.

©Jorge Parra

Dear all

Last Gallery walk in Winwood Art District was the ideal set up to launch the official disclosure of The Change 10 Project by fashion and fine art photographer Jorge Parra, a series of posters to create awareness on environmental issues and suggestions for simple solutions that every person can actually do, to effect change in an effort to restore balance to nature.

The Eco-mmunities, a fantastic Contemporary Art installation of mannequins and photography brought out the talent of artists Luis Valenzuela and Alexis Rodriguez, of Green Art USA, who made fascinating couture dresses with trash and recyclable materials, often considered plain junk, dressing mannequins that were already thrown away to the trash by large retail stores, and the stylish look of the installation easily reminded us of european couture ateliers.

The “Change 10 Project” is based on a simple premise:

Did you know that by using just 10 points less or doing a mere 10 points more you can do your part in making this a better planet for you, your children and the generations to follow?

The “Change 10 Project” is an awareness creative process and a call to action.

You can make a difference to our global warming issues, deforestation, food and water shortages, promote renewable energy, and assist humanitarian charities through simple , yet effective small changes in habits and daily routines, however, our basic line of comfort is not compromised by these simple changes in attitudes and actions.

Spread the word, take action. It’s in our hands

The bottomline concept is to turn this into a viral campaign, so other photographers, copywriters and artists engage into preparing more and varied set of posters with more messages with the same, simple style, so the message gets accross and is distributed massively.


©Jorge Parra
©Jorge Parra
©Jorge Parra
©Jorge Parra