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This is the reproduction of an interview to Photographer and Creative Director Jorge Parra in Voyage Miami Magazine. An invitation only publication, always looking for inspiring stories. Enjoy!!


Every neighborhood in South Florida has its own vibe, style, culture and history, but what consistently amazes us is not what differentiates the various neighborhoods but rather what they all have in common. From South Beach to Boca (and everywhere in between) we’ve been blown away by how many creative and talented people call South Florida home. Check out some of the inspiring stories we’ve discovered throughout Miami and the surrounding areas.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jorge Parra.

-Thanks for sharing your story with us Jorge. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

Starting up was truly disruptive, which I enjoyed at every moment! I started learning on my own the basics of black and white photography, and my training became an obsession and a way of living. I think that when you have a drive as intense as I had, life itself brings the opportunities, and then after years of living a quiet life as a Chemist ( 2 university degrees in the field), and after a few editorial publications in local fashion magazines in Venezuela (my country of origin), I got a call from a big local fashion firm, and got into my first commercial shooting.

I received as payment the equivalent of 8 months of my salary as a Chemist, and I said to myself : “I have at least 8 months to land my next gig”, and with that in mind, I instantly quit my job as chemist, and never again looked back.

The disruptive change in lifestyle made me pay a toll, and a few years later I divorced my first wife, not to mention all the disappointing comments from my family, since I was abandoning the quiet and comfortable life of being an employee, with regular salary, health care and all corporate benefits, and chose to become a pariah, a freelancer who never knows when is the next gig coming.

Luckily, the same drive who created the disruption kept pushing me in the right direction, and soon enough I was getting hired by other companies, especially in the swimwear and lingerie fields, and those shootings eventually led me into Advertising Photography, and I ended shooting for the largest agencies like Grey, Ogilvy, McCann-Erickson, etc, and most well-known consumer brands in the industry.

Fast forward, in 2005 I decided to emigrate to the USA with my new family (my second wife was a model), leaving behind a torn-apart country and re-start from zero in the US.

In 2006, I opened up my company, Jorge Parra Photography, same name as my business in Venezuela, and from that point on, I have been re-building both my personal and professional lives on the States.

– Has it been a smooth road?

As mentioned before, the original disruption created a personal chaos, while professionally I was thrilled at every second of my new life! Some things are lost along the way, and you have to decide if the losses are worth the change. I tried to keep things together, but eventually, I had to follow my passion.

I was starting to getting paid to do what I LOVE to do the most, so I knew I could not go against myself.

Professionally, everyone is meant to find obstacles and deal with struggles, sometimes they seem nonsense, but just the same, you have to learn to choose your battles and deal with them with your best spirit.

In general, I think that the main struggle in this type of career is against yourself and your inner fears. As I said, being a freelancer is a lifestyle, and not knowing when is your next check coming, specially at the start, can almost defeat your spirit, put to question your main purposes and goals, or at least you tend to think so. Only by persevering and KNOWING that your drive and passion will move you ahead, is how you eventually succeed.

Not everyone is built and ready to become a freelancer though. I feel this is the first step each aspiring shooter has to deal with, and making the right decision should be matter-of-fact, if you are truly passionate about what you are doing. The first challenge to bypass is not the market or the business, it is yourself!

– So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Jorge Parra Photography story. Tell us more about the business.

The work in Editorial Photography is a fine start for most every shooter, and it gives you a fine taste of how to develop creative approaches to specific themes or subjects, but as I see it, getting involved in Advertising is a growing process where you get more involved with every aspect of the visual challenge.

Sometimes the corporate and brand restrictions imposed by either the Agency or the Client or both, tend to discourage many shooters, who are expecting a free range like in editorial, but that in itself is another great challenge.

So, I started by shooting fashion runways for magazines, (I still shoot runways every once in a while, as It brings back the thrills of my first assignments!), which led me to fashion editorial projects, then I started shooting commercially for local fashion brands, and my handling of people got the attention of advertising agencies.

I was basically tagged as a People Photographer, and that made me shoot from kids to celebrities to sports, corporate, etc, and as times went by, some Creative Directors started calling me to shoot projects outside my comfort zone, which led me to keep learning and improving my skills, to cope with the situations imposed by each briefing.

This “expansion” led me to shoot interesting projects as varied and different as Architectural Photography, Food Photography and Product shots. All this time, I kept working on my personal work, based on the female nude, and to date, I have a large record of gallery exhibitions in that field.

This evolution/expansion brought the inclusion of Production Services for my own projects. My company can provide (of course, by hiring third parties) just about everything required to fulfill a shooting, no matter how big or small, and that has helped me coordinate properly with the teams that I build for each project.

For clients, this is a useful resource, and added value, as most aspects of any project are centralized and client/agency, does not have to talk to several third parties or hire a producer to do what my company does.

At this point, I am focused on both Editorial and Advertising Photography and I am orienting my efforts towards the Luxury Market. This means that, in addition to my shooting Fashion and Portraits, I also shoot for Spas, Hotels, Restaurants, Basically the Luxury Travel and Leisure, which makes me travel a lot, and I LOVE to travel! Of course, I keep shooting my personal projects as an ongoing, never ending process.

I feel that my handling of people, my abilities to directing them properly are something that is part of my own nature, so that cannot be acquired or taught. Either you have those abilities or not. Even though I have photographed hundreds of relevant men in so many fields, from corporate to sports to celebrities, I love to work with women. I have enjoyed the challenges I have received from creative directors, since those challenges have expanded and enhanced my work in different fields that I may have not developed otherwise. The success of the projects shows that it all worked out fine for everyone!

  • How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

Technology is affecting every aspect of the business, and photography is being affected massively. I usually tell my students in Photography Workshops that they must adapt to the changes more rapidly that any previous generation, and that applies too to currently successful shooters, as some areas of photography tend to survive while others tend to go away.

We must be alert and in “learning mode” to be able to cope with the changes. The disruption created by Digital Photography was in itself huge, but more disruptions created by tools like CGI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Lytro cameras, and more emerging technologies, will reshape the market and the business.

Those who choose to stay with a just a camera in their hands may become irrelevant, all the more so when smartphones are turning just everyone into a photographer, or so they think!!

In the end, quality and professionalism will prevail, but the process is slow and troubling! Only those persevering with passion, discipline and commitment will build a career for themselves.


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-Contact Info:

The SmartPhone Photograpy Workshop for Bloggers, Writers, Designers and Social Media Managers is here!

SmartPhone Photo by Jorge Parra
Shot on iPhone by ©Jorge Parra


What begun as an interesting trend has now become a powerful form of expression, as millions of users now always have a smartphone in their hands/pockets/purses This has becomes the easiest way to register, document and keep track of events, situations and beautiful moments that would otherwise would get lost just as a memory.

Remember the now “classical” saying: “The best camera is the one you have with you”? That means the Smartphone Photography is no longer a trend or a passing fever, it is here to stay and get better and better!!

The cool thing about this workshop is that participants will greatly improve their skills at shooting with their smartphones, so these snapshots will have a much greater visual impact!

Bloggers, Writers, Graphic and Web Designers, plus all Social Media Campaign Managers will also benefit from upgrading their visual skills using their smartphones better, therefore, their online content will greatly improve!

– First, we  are going to start by learning the professional tricks and tips, plus hidden smartphone features  to better use the “native” capabilities of your own smartphone.

 – We move on to the basics of photography, composition, lighting use of texture, shapes and forms, in order to show the participants how can they “upgrade” their images with basic visual arts knowledge, applied to shooting with the smartphone

– We will – obviously- embark in shooting new images with our new knowledge and capabilities, as part of the workshop.

 -Then, we go some extra miles by further improving the images without ever leaving their phone, by using free editing apps which will enhance the quality of your final images, without turning then into “eye candy”, this is, keeping a very realistic and professional look to your pics.

 You can  register and pay on the day of the workshop, or you can easily register and pay online here:

 Register, have fun and learn!

The Advanced Photography Workshops with Jorge Parra

Natural Light Fashion Photo-Shoot with students of Jorge Parra
Advanced Photography Workshops with Jorge Parra

Starting on March 2017, Jorge Parra Photography will offer a series of Advanced Photography Workshops for selected participants, in an intimate atmosphere, where only 10-12 photographers will attend each hands-on workshop. This will allow the one-on-one training that each participant deserves to REALLY improve their visual arts skills and the creative development of his/her portfolio.

Based on the experience gained from teaching for several years at the Miami Ad School, plus the previous private San Francisco and Miami Workshops, Jorge Parra Photography has selected the following content for the upcoming trainings:

 – SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: an interesting trend has now become a powerful form of expression, and the participants of this workshop will greatly improve their skills at shooting with their smartphones , first by learning the professional tricks on how to use the capabilities of your own smartphone, plus further improving their images without ever leaving their phone, using editing apps for even better results.

– PORTRAITS AND LIGHTING: this is a basic training, so participants can get comfortable with the use of artificial lighting in studio, plus manipulated natural light, to obtain fantastic results which will improve the quality of their portraits.

 – FASHION AND BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHY: although the name is obvious, this training is aimed at those who already have some good knowledge of lighting (both natural and artificial) and want to improve their own personal style by shooting models on location and/or studio, conceptualized as an editorial for a magazine. Wardrobe, from casual to swimwear to couture, plus Hair and Make Up Stylists will be provided.

 -THE FINE ART BODYSCAPE: A powerful workshop dedicated to study the human figure and how to develop creative and artistic images, where concepts, composition and lighting will lead the way to obtain meaningful images. Models, Make Up, Styling and Props will be provided, so each participant can approach the body from his /her own vision.

NOTE: All workshops include either online or live review of the work done by participants, so, unlike other workshops, there is TRUE ADDED VALUE THROUGH REAL MENTORING, in order to assist participants in their creative portfolio development. Each Workshop has it’s own inherent characteristics, so the mentoring process will be disclosed along with detailed info when participants register.

 Please contact us for mode details about the upcoming workshops with Jorge Parra in Miami


Cash and Credit / Debit Cards will be accepted on the premises. However, We can not guarantee slots available for unregistered, Walk-Ins. On-Site Registration and Payment will proceed on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to guarantee your participation in the workshop,  you will find a simple way to safely register and pay, using PayPal  in the secure link below, BEFORE the actually dates of the workshops.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this cart. Just use the “Guest” option! Just the same, we will never receive your payment information details!

Many Thanks and See You Soon!

Jorge Parra Photography listed as one of Miami’s Top 20 Portrait Photographers

It is certainly very cool news when an impartial entity does a review of the local talent in the Miami / Miami Beach area, fully crowded with amazing photographers, and still get listed as one of the Top 20 Portrait Photographers in Miami. Can’t be any happier!!

Check Miami’s Top 20 Portrait Photographers

There are many areas of Photography which have suffered from the Digital Divide and the fact that the democratization of the image and the tools available have turned everyone a self-appointed photographer, only means that professional shooters do have to work harder and produce top qualitywork to stay in the game, and prove their worth.

Portrait Photography is one of those areas that may survive the hurricane that digital technologies brought out to either eliminate or radically change the way it is done. There is always the need, either personal, commercial or artistic, to capture the looks of people, either as a document or as a statement, and not everybody is up to the task of grabbing those essential gestures and details that make up the personality of each individual. In the end, we are humans dealing with humans!!

Now, thinking in terms of slowing or dying trends, take for example Car Photography. There are countless former Car Photo Studios in Detroit that stopped producing images, specially those who never got into CGI technologies, which allows the user to start with a simple image of a car, even from a Smartphone, and the software, in the hands of an experienced user, can rebuild the car entirely, even creating a different lighting, place the car in any location, and quickly changing the color of the car, to show the entire gamut available on the market.

Years ago, a photographer had to shoot each and every car model  and color, and the studio lighting systems were powerful and huge. You HAD to be an expert craftsman and lighting guru, in order to make a fantastic car photo! Today, most of the work is done in Post Production, starting with images that need little attention to detail, considering everything can me modified in Post! That is the reason, we can see those fabulous cars roaming all the way up to snowy mountains and jungles and surreal landscapes, both natural and artificial.

See for example:


When I am asked about the Future of Photography ( you can check other previous posts I have made about this subject), I think that a few areas will remain untouched:

Basically, Portraits will always be needed, and, as explained above, require a good deal of human interaction. Celebrities will always need their most recent images, Paparazzi photography will still be there too! On the other side of the spectrum, Documentary Photography, Travel and Nature, Events Photography and of courseFine Art Photography will always be there, given the intrinsic curiosity of artists to explore the media in countless ways, always producing new, creative work. Film Photography is back, with many millennials embracing it as a very unexpected trend, staying away from digital technologies, and we all welcome this!!

What will survive and what not is always an open question, so I would like to hear other’s opinions too!

In the meantime, I am happy to be named one of the Top 20 Portrait Shooters in Miami, and, if you wanna find out why and have a taste of it, just make sure to contact me at your earliest convenience, and we will set up some cool time together!! Just click on the Logo below.


Check Jorge Parra’s Website here!

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Miami Advertising Photographer Jorge Parra launches the NEW Synthetic Habitat Website



Advertising Photographer Jorge Parra is well known as a People Photographer, shooting Advertising, Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography for over 2 decades.
However, a number of Creative Directors as well as Architects and Designers who recognize and value Jorge’s vision, have been pushing him out of his comfort zone, by inviting him to shoot architectural and interior design projects. The logic behind these requests was the interest of these creatives in exploring different approaches to  photographing  places and spaces from a fresh perspective.

For this reason, Jorge has been working on a series of photographic projects in Architecture and Interior Design, mostly focused on the Leisure and Luxury markets, shooting Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, as well as private residences and vacation villas.

In addition to these visual challenges, Jorge has been traveling around the world, shooting some large-scale fantastic Lighting Design Projects for public spaces in distant cities like Ankara in Turkey, Dublin in Ireland and Madrid, Spain, and the most recent project was shot in Washing DC, here in the USA. Lighting Design Photography is an area where only a few photographers have been successfully involved.

The resulting body of work includes visuals for Conde Nast Traveler, Luxe Magazine, Hilton Hotels, SLS Hotels, Mandarin Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, several travel and luxury commercial and private residential projects, plus the cool lighting design projects.

Please, visit Jorge’s totally new website for the Synthetic Habitat Project and feel free to make contact to discus you upcoming visual needs in these fields.


Jorge ‘s next and natural phase for The Synthetic Habitat Project involve a fine mixing and blend of his favorite visual themes: Fashion and Architecture, putting together all his skills, in an ongoing series of images to be published soon!

Getting Truly Involved with the Local Community


Photographers, as well as every other creative, should engage in donating their talents and skills to society, specially on behalf of their own local community, when it is the time to help others in distress or bad conditions.

In the case of us, fashion and advertising photographers, who one way or another, enjoy some quite nice perks and benefits as a result of our work, we need to give back even more!

It is for this very reason that over the years, I have committed time, resources, energy and my visual skills to help different organizations who work tirelessly to provide help and counseling to the under-appreciated, the neglected and the survivors!

I have worked, and keep working, to provide assistance for kids waiting for adoption, little fellows in the foster care system, wishing and hoping for a better life, and thanks to the work of organizations like the Children’s Trust, the Miami and Broward Heart Galleries and Fotomission, we can do some portraits of these kids, and at least offer them a better chance to find a family that will take care of them.

On the other end of the spectrum, the “Flashes of Hope” Non Profit organization has committed to provide some partial relief to parents with kids with terminal cancer, and we volunteer to do portraits of these beautiful creatures and their parents. before their time is over.

I have also contributed with images to the Life Alliance program of the University of Miami Organ Donor Program, and have photographed several people of all ages, from kids to grandparents, who have nicely survived organ transplant surgery. I am also a member of the Volunteer Match Program, to provide visual assistance when requested.

Amazingly, through fashion photography, I have been able to donate my skills to Breast Cancer initiatives, both in South Florida and Latin America.

Finally, I am always volunteering time and resources to our local Creative Mornings Miami Group,  a fantastic worldwide initiative for monthly breakfasts for the creative community, putting together all those talented people who believe Miami is THE PLACE to be and work and want to make this city grow into one of the finest creative destinations.

I always encourage Advertising and Boutique Agencies to contact me with their creative projects for Non-Profit Agencies.

 Use my Contact Page to start talking!!


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Are Followers Replacing Professional Talent in Advertising?

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.25.00 AM

 Those who enjoy talking about the Digital Disruption or Digital Divide will encounter a fine material and food for thought is this post. I decided to wait a bit after the original hoopla was already gone, regarding this amazing situation, and here’s a brief description of it all:

Earlier this year, (probably late last year), the well known fashion firm Burberry was getting ready to prepare their Spring worldwide  photographic campaign. Traditionally, the most sought-after shooters are called to send their estimates for such a juicy and interesting project, since the visuals will certainly define trends in both imaging and marketing for the year.

Now, the marketing team in charge of the Burberry account came out with what they think is a genius idea, and basically, the decided to make a move that caused a lot of frustration and anger in the market, as the selection of the photographer bypassed any professional or aesthetical consideration, and the agency decided to put 16 years old Brooklyn Beckham, the son of the ultra famous Victoria and David Beckham, in charge of the campaign. 

The reason for this choice was that the kid has shown some ability taking pictures in his iPhone, specially selfies, and 35 mm DSLR cameras PLUS the huge list of 6.5 million followers he has in Instagram, not to mention the additional “back up” and support of two powerful brands, the parents, and their own followers!

The strategy behind this idea is that Burberry considered that they wanted to knock doors on an already captive 6.5 million kids/consumers who are watching whatever Brooklyn publishes in his Instagram account, and if you take a look, you will find tons of selfies during his vacations, some portraits, little birds, friends, etc, etc, this is, what a 16 years old kid does with his instagram. Simple! If you locate the behind the scenes images at the Burberry Instagram account (@burberry), you may see the kid was handed a medium format camera, and it is sad to notice how he does not even know how to grab such a camera, but that did not matter, as long as someone took some pics of Brooklyn (in his iPhone, of course) “taking some shots for the campaign” with the MF camera….

Needless to say, young Brooklyn has no knowledge whatsoever on lighting, production, has never before done a fashion shooting, etc,etc, but the agency took good care of all this, by providing the best Art Directors, Fashion Stylists, Models, Assistants and Production Crew money can buy, so this kid could come up with what amounts to good photos (what in the industry is called good enough images). As a matter of fact, we have previously seen this situation has happened before, when talent like Steven Meisel and Annie Leibovitz, who don’t know anything about artificial lighting, are always working with the best lighting assistants around, but at the every least, these guys are super talented and brilliant, genius creators, and have actually committed a lifetime to their work as photographers!!

So, the question here is, are we seeing a starting trend where  Instagram followers are going to replace talent for some type of campaigns?? 

Granted, Brooklyn Beckham, there is only one, but there are tons of sons of equally famous celebrities and millionaires and billionaires around, and you can read in the links at the end how photographers did not take this in a good manner. Those of us who are working our asses to build a presence and name in order to arrive to those levels when you are called to shoot some of those amazing clients, feel a good deal of frustration.Once again, granted, the most vocal complainers when the news came out, were shooters with the smaller number of instagram followers, although their portfolios are just the top of the line….

Months have passed, and If you check today Brooklyn’s Instagram account, you will find, again, new, regular selfies and simple images shot by a teenager, and the number of followers just keeps growing. Maybe there are some purchased followers (as most everyone seem to do in this time and era), but much certainly, the advertising and marketing geniuses see more value in those potential consumers than in the image-making creative process, involving true creators,  which could drive both the sales and the brand up.

On a personal note, I think this is but one more attempt from the Advertising market to visualize millennials barely as “top consumers”, and nothing else, using one of them to reinforce the concept.


About the author: Jorge Parra is a Fashion and Advertising Photographer, based in Miami, who, among other things, is looking after getting his first (not purchased) million followers in Instagram.

You can see my work at my website at, but first and foremost, pls do not forget to start  following  me in my Instagram account, @jorgeparraphotographyjust in case…


Suggested Links:

David Beckham’s Son Just Shot a Burberry Campaign, and Photographers Are Pissed

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Jorge Parra Photography Receives 2015 Best Businesses of North Miami Award


Photo by ©Jorge Parra /
Photo by ©Jorge Parra /

Jorge Parra Photography Receives 2015 Best Businesses of North Miami Award

North Miami Award Program Honors the Achievement

North Miami, November 18, 2015 — Jorge Parra Photography has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of North Miami Award in the Photographers category by the Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program.

Each year, the Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the North Miami area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program

The Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the North Miami area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program
Best Businesses of North Miami Award Program


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The True Meaning of the Thanksgiving Celebration


Hi everyone!

Not long ago, I got my USA citizen status. During the preparation process for the citizenship exam, I had to learn basics of US history, but I got so fascinated by so many different events and personalities involved in the creation of this amazing country, that I went really deeper into learning more about the founding fathers, the wars, the celebrations and the people, the pioneers, who threw away the life they had, and chose to come to the newfound lands, to experiment whatever this new life will bring them, the expected and the unexpected, probably much more of the latter!

I reviewed several historical documents and images, and  I found this amazing painting by french painter Jean Louis Gerome Ferris,  (1863-1920), who happened to be in and around many of the events related to the creation of this great nation.

The  painting in question, which grabbed my attention and  stunned me more than anything else, was the depiction of the First Thanksgiving Party ever celebrated in the not yet founded USA, in 1621! A true feast of abundance and coexistence and friendship between the very first pilgrims and the native american indians, (who actually introduced the Cranberries, native american fruit,  to the pilgrims).

This painting evokes in me the basis on which all relationships must be built, trust, joy in sharing and above all, tolerance to understand others and live in acceptance and harmony.

These basic attitudes must remain in time for any group, company or nation to survive in a healthy, productive and beneficial, reciprocal manner.

I have already experienced what happens  when these values are removed from our everyday behavior; that is EXACTLY why I knew I had to emigrate, abandon my country of origin for good, and not look back.

Now that I am in the US, and came to stay, I have this brief message to everyone:

May the first Thanksgiving party ever celebrated in the US reminds us FOR REAL to share with joy and remove the intolerance towards others.

Nothing good is born out of intolerance, selfishness and greed.

Several good things comes out of trusting, sharing, cooperating, accepting others and pushing to live and love in harmony.

Happy (true) ThanksGiving to All!

#thanksgiving #celebrations #humanvalues #tolerance #trust #sharing #cooperation #acceptance


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Conversations Part 2: Jorge Parra talks about Fashion Photography

Photo by ©Jorge Parra
Photo by ©Jorge Parra

Moving on in our “Conversations” series, I just want to share this short video-monologue about my impressions on Fashion Photography and how design is involved in showing up the many aspects of women,  their beauty, character, femininity, elegance, sensuality, all intermixed with  design, in mysterious and fascinating ways.

It is always a fine visual challenge to be able to put together these elements in a fine balance, and make it work for the Advertising Market.

To begin, I have made a commitment to myself to maintain the utmost respect for women who, in the creative visual fields, specially when looking for the “hip”, the “never seen before”, the unexpected, the “out of the box” ultra-super-duper-creative approach, sometimes end up poorly misrepresented.

Without further ado, please take a look at the brief clip, where yours truly keeps  talking and talking!!

I hope you liked this clip, and if you really enjoyed it, and would still like to hear more, feel free to quickly jump to my “Conversations” link on my site,  where you will find more brief clips on my talks on Fashion Photography, Advertising/Commercial Photography, Fine Art Photography, The Luxury Market and Portrait Photography of Women.


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