About Jorge Parra Photography


I have developed my vision on women, blending elegance and sensuality, with my love for bold design, to create images and stories that range from the seemingly mundane to the conceptual for the Advertising and Luxury markets.

I photograph women in fashion & beauty for advertising, and women in the leisure/luxury world. I shoot portraits of women, trying to capture their essence as well as their mysteries! I am obsessed with sensuality and elegance, specially when women allow me to expose their inner strengths and feelings.

I see the intricacies of women spirits, the many manifestations of the self in fashion design. I see order, beauty, glamour and sensuality in women in luxury. I see structure and beauty in every face. I feel the presence of the feminine soul, with all their passions, torments, power and fragility, In every gaze I capture.

The human body is the most beautiful design of the universe and I explore nature’s shapes and forms through the female body. Women trust me and accompany me in this fantastic personal/artistic journey!

I live surrounded by women, even in my personal time, as life and the universe have granted me 3 fantastic daughters, so my life is a constant browsing of the female spirit!!

In brief, my work is all about honoring women through my images.

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